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The Ethereum Mining Stick has been a great success. Although I prepared to sell just a handful of them, people gave me some sleepless nights copying sticks and preparing them for shipment. Many people even payed more than I requested, so I decided to go on and build a pro version of the mining stick. It is fully configurable via a web interface. The webserver implementation on the stick is written in plain sleek C++ and runs entirely from memory, so it does not affect mining at all! Also, we could improve a whole bunch of other things, way to long to list it here.

See an early development version working here:

Get your own stick shipped or as an image

The stick comes preconfigured for only 44,95 EUR including all software with international shipping by airmail included or as a download link, which is an unconfigured image. From the 15th of April on, all previous buyers of mining sticks can contact me to obtain a download for an updated image.

Hardware requirements

The software works with all mainboards and AMD cards above the 5XXX series, but for mining we recommend at least need the 7XXX series with 2GB of RAM, better 3GB and more (2GB will not work in quite some time anymore). It will also detect and use the system Intel iGPU for rendering the desktop. 8GB of RAM i s needed at least.

These cards have been reported to work:

  • A whole lot of Radeon 7XXX, 8XXX series with 3GB or more RAM
  • A whole lot of R7/R9 series (which most of the time are rebranded 7XXX anyways) with 3GB or more RAM
  • R9 Fury/Fury X
  • R9 nano

There is no report about a card not working.

We recommend the ASRock H61 BTC Pro or ASRock H81 BTC Pro with powered USB cable risers, though there is no known report that a mainboard did not work.

How to order

For configuration I need the following details (please provide these in your mail):

  1. Worker name, for example “rig1”. It will be available on your network as “rig1.local” then.
  2. Pool name. I recommend with Stratum support.
  3. Mining payout address.

This is included:

  1. High quality superfast USB 3.0 stick by SanDisk. New stock.
  2. Ready to use mining system, plug and mine. Even if your machine runs Windows, you let it mine at night, for example.
  3. Web interface for setup and monitoring or tweaking.
  4. 2-sheet manual on configuration and handling.

You can pay via paypal, bitcoin or with ether. Please drop me a mail at


Good luck!


People keep posting me feedback about the sticks and pictures of the rigs, so why not share here with their permission 🙂

Oliver, Germany

Great product and awesome work and support from Jacob! I thought about how to get a cheap solution for the software on the mainboard, and Jacob’s stick is perfect – setup in 5 minutes althought i am not used to linux and use windows – thank you very much!!!

IMG_1591 IMG_1590 IMG_1589 IMG_1588

Want to save time when setting up your ethereum miners? I did the work and found an in expensive way: A mining system ready to be used instantly on a USB stick. Just plug it into your miner and it will boot from USB, no harddrive needed. After booting it will automatically start mining. You can configure it by just plugging it into your main computer and edit some text files.

I sell them here for 19,95 €. For an additional 9,95€ I will preconfigure them to your needs, so you just have to plug it in and off you go.

Extremely fast high-quality parts from SanDisk (Ultra series, USB 3.0), no garbage, brand new stuff. I am using these myself for mining right now.

You can pay either with eth, bitcoin or via paypal. Please contact me at jacob [at]!