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There has been quite some resonance on the qt-pods project within the last days. I was busy helping onboarding a couple of projects and got invaluable help with the website design of by 9elements (although I changed details of the concept later, the design draft was overwhelmingly good). In the process Patrick Schneider developed the qt-pods badge:

Qt Pods Logo

This one is now used on github by many projects indicating they can be retrieved via qt-pods. While searching for pods that I could help onboarding, I stumbled upon some really interesing gems. Here are a few examples:

  • qtverbalexpressions is a library that lets you compose regular expressions with words.
  • qtbonjour is a bonjour service implementation ready for your Qt app.
  • qtwaitingspinner puts a fully customizable waiting spinner on any widget you give it as a parent.
  • qtlzma allows to encode/decode QByteArrays with LZMA.
  • qtqrencode generates QR code from any data you feed it, readily packed in a QImage.

The list goes on, currently there are about 20 projects ready to use at your fingertips, half of them have already been handed out under the umbrella of their original maintainers. I was offered help for building and packaging qt-pods for MacOS and incorporated suggestions from other developers. There are little, but still useful Qt projects all over the internet and it’s a sheer never-ending quest to find all of those and tune them for reuse. If you just take a look at under the widgets section, there are tons of widgets that want to be packaged and used. The only constraint here is time. What I need is some kind of avalanche effect in order to motivate developers to recognize the benefits.

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