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I have struggled a lot to simply obtain a continous video stream from QCamera without QtGui as single QImages. After a lot of searching, I finally got to a very short and elegant solution. The Qt documentation is really lacking about this. The obvious (and imo correct) solution would be to use QVideoProbe and connect to the videoFrameProbed signal, but this does only work on a couple of platforms and in very exotic constellations (for example, as of now QCamera only works with with QVideoProbe on Android).

The solution is to subclass QAbstractVideoSurface and override its present-method. This is how it looks like:

#include "cameraframegrabber.h"

CameraFrameGrabber::CameraFrameGrabber(QObject *parent) :

QList<QVideoFrame::PixelFormat> CameraFrameGrabber::supportedPixelFormats(QAbstractVideoBuffer::HandleType handleType) const
    return QList<QVideoFrame::PixelFormat>()
        << QVideoFrame::Format_ARGB32
        << QVideoFrame::Format_ARGB32_Premultiplied
        << QVideoFrame::Format_RGB32
        << QVideoFrame::Format_RGB24
        << QVideoFrame::Format_RGB565
        << QVideoFrame::Format_RGB555
        << QVideoFrame::Format_ARGB8565_Premultiplied
        << QVideoFrame::Format_BGRA32
        << QVideoFrame::Format_BGRA32_Premultiplied
        << QVideoFrame::Format_BGR32
        << QVideoFrame::Format_BGR24
        << QVideoFrame::Format_BGR565
        << QVideoFrame::Format_BGR555
        << QVideoFrame::Format_BGRA5658_Premultiplied
        << QVideoFrame::Format_AYUV444
        << QVideoFrame::Format_AYUV444_Premultiplied
        << QVideoFrame::Format_YUV444
        << QVideoFrame::Format_YUV420P
        << QVideoFrame::Format_YV12
        << QVideoFrame::Format_UYVY
        << QVideoFrame::Format_YUYV
        << QVideoFrame::Format_NV12
        << QVideoFrame::Format_NV21
        << QVideoFrame::Format_IMC1
        << QVideoFrame::Format_IMC2
        << QVideoFrame::Format_IMC3
        << QVideoFrame::Format_IMC4
        << QVideoFrame::Format_Y8
        << QVideoFrame::Format_Y16
        << QVideoFrame::Format_Jpeg
        << QVideoFrame::Format_CameraRaw
        << QVideoFrame::Format_AdobeDng;

bool CameraFrameGrabber::present(const QVideoFrame &frame)
    if (frame.isValid()) {
        QVideoFrame cloneFrame(frame);;
        const QImage image(cloneFrame.bits(),
                           QVideoFrame::imageFormatFromPixelFormat(cloneFrame .pixelFormat()));
        emit frameAvailable(image);
        return true;
    return false;

// Qt includes
#include <QAbstractVideoSurface>
#include <QList>

class CameraFrameGrabber : public QAbstractVideoSurface
    explicit CameraFrameGrabber(QObject *parent = 0);

    QList<QVideoFrame::PixelFormat> supportedPixelFormats(QAbstractVideoBuffer::HandleType handleType) const;

    bool present(const QVideoFrame &frame);

    void frameAvailable(QImage frame);

public slots:



This is how you would use it in your Qt application:

_camera = new QCamera();
_cameraFrameGrabber = new CameraFrameGrabber();
connect(_cameraFrameGrabber, SIGNAL(frameAvailable(QImage)), this, SLOT(handleFrame(QImage)));

You can download both files here:

6 thoughts on “How to grab video frames directly from QCamera”

  1. HI Jacob!

    Thank you very much for this solution. I was looking all over the documentation for this, but couldn’t find a reply as exact as yours.

    I still have one issue, I wished the frames I collect is actually in raw format, but all I get is RGB_32 format. Can you please guide me to get Raw Camera data instead?

    Alok Pathak

    1. hey, may be you can try this function:
      QImage QImage::convertToFormat(Format format, Qt::ImageConversionFlags flags = Qt::AutoColor) const

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