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Want to save time when setting up your ethereum miners? I did the work and found an in expensive way: A mining system ready to be used instantly on a USB stick. Just plug it into your miner and it will boot from USB, no harddrive needed. After booting it will automatically start mining. You can configure it by just plugging it into your main computer and edit some text files.

I sell them here for 19,95 €. For an additional 9,95€ I will preconfigure them to your needs, so you just have to plug it in and off you go.

Extremely fast high-quality parts from SanDisk (Ultra series, USB 3.0), no garbage, brand new stuff. I am using these myself for mining right now.

You can pay either with eth, bitcoin or via paypal. Please contact me at jacob [at]!



36 thoughts on “Instant Mining With Ethereum Mining Stick”

    1. You will get a mail shortly. I planned on making a tutorial, but actually I there is a such a requests for information that I can barely handle it all alone.

  1. Hi ! I´m interested in the stick.
    I´m building a rig and some questions pop up . Is powered riser cable necessary? They are not cheap here in Brazil and Im intrigued about how did you conected 6 GPU´s in your rig if according to the specs of your mobo there is only 1 PCIe 3,0 x16 slot and 5 PCI 2.0 x1?

    Do you know how long would take to the stick to arrive here in brazil?

    thank you in advance.

  2. are u sell any gpu for eth mining if year then what is the price and give me your skypee and send me roi detail

  3. Thank you very much for the miner build and your effort you put in all these infos! I am building a Rig right now- and your stick offer is really sweet and takes some pressure from my shoulders because I am not Geek enough to try for myself and possibly ruin a 1000+ Euro Rig. Ugh!
    (And hey, time is money and I want to see my machine run smoothly from the start, if that is an option!) So, man… well done! Maybe I´ll buy a few sticks.
    Is the sticks configuration specially for the 79xx series or is it a big deal to costomize it for other cards? I am experimenting with all kind of cards Like 79xx and the newer Nano and the GTX 750ti, r9 270 to r9 390 plus X versoins – ( because I´m form Germany and with electricity costs they get us by the balls 😉

    I do these tests because of Energy(efficiency testing, but also try to find out about the lifespan of cards. For example the nano is cool and efficient with water cooling and you can overclock it. It ill run forever. And you can sell it after 1 year at the 80% of what you paid now.
    As an ex business man I have some doubts that the used cards will make it till the end of the year. So 100 Euro card will vapor $`s in the wind plus high electricity cost – money you need for new cards at this point.
    Now. Problem is we´re not rich (yet)… I know! So I also run my cheap cards with fire Alarms on. (Not kiddin`!) If I only have more time I would love to exchange some ideas! Time will come…

    1. The sticks are aimed at mining with AMD cards, which is the only sane option if you want to build a rig right now. From the 5xxx series upwards it is the same GPU driver on Linux, whereas older cards 4xxx and lower had the old driver. Fortunately, nobody will try to mine with these, so yes, these sticks should cover all cards that you would want to mine with right now. Anyways, I would love to hear about all cards that you managed to get running with it.

      I am wondering about your statement with the price loss. Correct me if I am wrong, but the biggest price loss is with newer cards imo. The best buy you can probably make right now is taking 79xx cards, R7/R9 series rebrands of those (for example, the R9 280 is a rebranded 7950, the R9 280X is a rebranded 7970). I would keep an eye on the R9 nano, which is as twice as power efficient, but too expensive right now (around 500 Euros). You will need a long time to remine the investment, with a high risk and maybe a great loss if you buy such a card. When I am buying a used 7970 for about 110-120€, I am pretty confident I will be able to sell it in a year for about 80€. I probably won’t get 350€ for used R9 nano at that time. As a reference, a single 7970 mines about 6€ a day, while using about 1,50€ electricity costs. Using a R9 nano will cut these costs to 0,70-0,80€. That means that you probably need to mine around 5-6 months without interrupts until choosing the more expensive card pays off. Now this sounds reasonable, but don’t forget the difficulty is rising with time. So it may be a better idea to mine with a higher number of power hungry cards today, than more power efficient cards tomorrow. Just a hint 😉

  4. Hey very intersting!

    Can you send me four of this Sticks. Where can i find your Eth Adresse for Payment ?

    Please send me an Email with more details for shippment and so on..

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