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Within my article “Building an ethereum mining rig” I have released detailed building plans on how to build your own ethereum mining rig. Now a couple of people started to reproduce my plans and one send me some photos. He did the paintings with his kids, pretty cool, eh? 😉


2016-02-27 (1)

By the way, I have switched over to all GigaByte Windforce Radeon HD 7950 cards, as they stay pretty cool, are relatively silent and have a decent hashrate. Also I noticed that the second and third card got a bit hotter than the other cards, so I installed a fan in between. I now have about 130 MH/s with all cards being around 70°C and 85% constant fan speed. Room temperature is about 30°C, when the window is closed, and falls to approximately 25°C when the window is open all the time. I used the heat to grow plants for the next garden season.



If you have any photos of your rig, feel free to send me photos 🙂

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